RHF21: The Reset

Coming Back Soon!

This 21 day program is for those who are looking to invite mindfulness into their lives + reset and kick start a healthy lifestyle.


Throughout this 21 day program you will have the opportunity to evaluate your relationship with your nutrition and fitness routines.  You will be guided through daily rituals and exercises to help you align your heart, body and mind.  From a daily food plan, to movement, meditation and journaling practices, you will begin to build a healthy vessel that your soul will feel content living in.


  • 3 Week Meal Plan – the 3rd week is plant based
  • Grocery Lists
  • 6- 20 Minutes Movement Videos
  • 3 Meditations
  • Journal Prompts
  • Mindful Sunday: Weekly Check-in

Things you many notice along your journey:

  • Release of food addictions and balanced mood
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Increased mindfulness through meditation and journaling
  • Eating to reduce your risk of chronic disease
  • Increased confidence, energy, and excitement for your day!
  • Consistent meal times
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Feeling satiated
  • Improved bowel movements
  • Increase in plant based foods consumed each day

Start Your Reset

Invite mindfulness into your life + reset and kick start a healthy lifestyle.