Hey! If this is the first time we’ve met, I’m Rae!

Business owner, Program Developer, Pilates, Barre & Spin instructor, wife and mama of 3. I am a nutrition coach and currently furthering my education through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. My love for living a wholesome life is my true passion, and I can’t wait to share it with you!!

Although fitness and nutrition have been a part of my journey from the time I was young, it wasn’t until my adult life that I truly connected to self and what it means to authentically fuel my mind, body and soul.

For a large period of my life I was a self-proclaimed productivity junkie. My job stoked this nature in me even more…. or maybe it was my addiction to perfectionism! I wore busy as a badge of honour and my self-care practice consisted of making to-do lists; and my body welling with anxiety as I tried to slow my racing mind. I was a successful business owner, could program with my eyes closed and ran from one kids activity to the next vowing to never miss a thing! That’s what a good parent should do right?!

But as I was busy being perfect, my own insides were falling apart. I absolutely loved what I was doing in every capacity of my life and so I used this as an excuse to keep going. But my body had other plans!

Fast forward to the present after literally making my physical body ill and telling myself to SLOW down. My daily practices not only instill mindfulness, but have called in a source of spirit as I embody what it truly means to FEEL.

Through the daily practice of mindfully nourishing myself with whole food plant based foods, moving my body so that it feels good long term and learning to take one breathe at a time through meditation, I have landed in a space of peace with myself. I have also gotten to know what lights me up and make a point of infusing these things into my every day!

My hope is to help as many beautiful souls as I can find a place of contentment. A space where dieting is just a fad not a way of life, where your body moves without pain but strength, and where your mind feels free to invite in what really makes you happy.

With so much love, I invite you to join the
RHF Lifestyle