Nourish. Move. Breathe.

A Mindfulness Journey

Learning to embody your future self.

I have no doubt that you are reading these words because you are being pulled to explore healing through either a physical, nutritional, emotional, or spiritual approach. In order to find true contentment in our lives and heal our bodies, we first have to learn the tools to cultivate mindfulness in each aspect of our everyday lives. Not every day will be perfect, but if we learn to ride the waves and trust in what is, life can be a beautiful fluid dance.

When you dare to jump on board and make changes in your life, it has to start from the present moment, from exactly where you are NOW. Without judgement, we need to get familiar with our habits and the patterns that have kept us stuck in the cycles that no longer serve us. We need to find the courage to take that giant step out of our comfort zone and try something new.

We have all experienced the gap between what we know is best for us and the choices that we make. Most often we don’t even understand why we can’t get there? And so we will begin slowly infusing one habit at a time, diving into who we are presently and what we want to embody moving forwards. Through habits of proper nutrition, movement and finding motivation by first grounding ourselves using the practice of meditation you will begin to rise, one strong step at a time.

And so….with love, I invite you to join me on a journey of mindfulness.

– Rae

The Programs

RHF7: The Refresh

Coming Soon

RHF21: The Reset

This 21 day program is for those who are looking to invite mindfulness into their lives + reset and kick start a healthy lifestyle.

The Athlete

Coming Soon

Start Your Reset

Invite mindfulness into your life + reset and kick start a healthy lifestyle.